10% of each candle sold is donated to an organization that fights human trafficking! Thank you!
10% of each candle sold is donated to an organization that fights human trafficking! Thank you!
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Be a part of something bigger than yourself this New Year!

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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

Sometimes it is easy to forget that one small act of kindness can have a ripple affect. The back of each candle has an idea to spread kindness based on your Enneagram type but this article encourages all 9 types. Here is one story from one of our customers that we hope blesses you and reminds you to look for the little ways throughout your day to extend kindness.  

I remember sitting at dinner with my friend a couple years back. It was maybe a week or two out from Christmas and the whole time this mom and her daughter sitting near our table kept catching my eye.

I didn’t really think much of it, until my friend mentioned that they also had caught her attention. By the time we had finished dinner, we had decided that we wanted to bless them by paying for their meal. 

Our waiter came over and when we let him know, immediately his eyes filled with tears. He went on to tell us that he had had the worst shift that day, that people were just being unkind in general. He thanked us for restoring his faith in humanity and for reminding us that there are good people out there. That by us doing something kind for someone else we turned his day around and he was sure that we would make their day as well. 

My friend and I got to watch as he told the table that somebody had anonymously paid for their meal, and their reaction was priceless. Joy flooded both of their faces and the waiters and we could tell that this one small thing had truly impacted all involved- my friend and I included. 

So let this be a reminder to listen to the little nudges within your heart, to be quick to be kind and to take a moment to make life about others. You never know how much one small gesture of kindness can change another persons day, so choose to be a light of love that looks to carry joy with you every where you go. 

What is one way that you can think of to show extra kindness in the New Year? We would love to hear your thoughts or any stories you might have! 

Written by Timia Roehrkasse 

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